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Mike Terpak
Mike started off playing guitar in the mid 60s, but realizing there were so many guys better than he, he switched to bass, playing in the Fairfax HS Jazz band and the Fairfax HS Rock band. Then he joined a series of horn bands including “Country”, “Gabriel”, “Sun Valley” and the “Hitmen” playing with such local music luminaries as Bill Naeher, Rick Parrell, John Tyler, Dave Caleb, Henry Weisiger, Rick Seraceno, Scott McMahon, Jeff Ponder, Marcus Esposito, Mark Vandenberg, and Greg Smallwood.  He formed a band in the late 70s with Bobby Read, Barry Holober, Mike Gosey and Marcus Esposito called "Men With Hands" a short lived, but most excellent band, capable of playing the most complex arrangements but which never developed a real focus.  Finally Mike and Bill got together with Marcus Esposito, Ronni Roth, Lynette Van Wagoner and John Tyler to form the all original band," 3-2-1".  Mike and Bill hibernated in the studio for about 25 years, writing and recording a multitude of songs.  Around 2000, Bill suggested we come out of the basement and form a live band.  Realizing that there was not really going to be a market for our original material we formed the "Mike Terpak Blues Explosion".  When it became clear that there were more bass players than keyboard players, Mike switched to Hammond organ (humping a Leslie wherever he goes) and never looked back.  Mike can also be seen regularly playing with "Mudlark", a classic rock and blues band.

Bill Kotapish
Bill started playing guitar as a wee lad after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.  During high school he played in cover rock bands in Germany and Northern Virginia.  He was also guitarist in McLean High’s stage band.  Later in high school and college he played in Ancient Moon Orchestra, a jazz fusion and prog rock band with Bobby Read and Peter Princiotto, among others, playing covers as well as originals.  Later, with Bobby and Peter, he co-founded However, an all-original prog group that released two critically acclaimed albums.  Thereafter, he teamed up with Michael Terpak on various recording projects and bands – a partnership that continues to this day with the Mike Terpak Blues Explosion. 

Jerry Stewart

Brian Alpert
Drummer Brian Alpert is one of Washington DC's most versatile sidemen, having enjoyed a long career playing locally, nationally, and internationally. Brian's background includes playing with legendary Muddy Waters guitarist Bob Margolin, blues and rock icons Tom Principato and Jimmy Thackery, western swing recording artists Cowboy Jazz, and world-famous guitar legend Danny Gatton. In addition to being a founding member of the Mike Terpak Blues, Explosion, for the last dozen years Brian has occupied the drum chair in the DC-based, internationally-famous big band, Doc Scantlin's Imperial Palms Orchestra.

Scott McMahon

Guest Musicians
Gary Doughman
Tom Bollinger
Jerry Orr
Erin Conley
Bob Crerie
Peter Princiotto
Tim Tanner
Tim Wynne
Carol Gaylor
Craig Gaylor
Bill Pappas
Corey Holland

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